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USA Today's Best Chicken Fry Sandwich Award

Oklahoma voted Tally’s Cafe #1 in USA Today’s contest for Best Chicken Fry Sandwich in Oklahoma!

History in every bite

Since diners became a part of the American landscape more than 100 years ago, our culture has been affected in many ways. Currently, diners are an integral part of life in American society and have touched almost every aspect of life including cooking, dining out, Hollywood movies, television shows, art, fashion, and more.

Despite the general interest in the American diner, the success of Tally’s Café did not happen overnight. It took a lot of passion and hard work to establish a diner that has managed to be around for more than a quarter of a century. In fact, Tally Alame, the founder of Tally’s Café, continues to pour his heart and soul into the establishment that he has built.

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We are also very proud to share that we have enjoyed numerous awards over the years, including TULSA’S BEST DINER, TULSA’S BEST BREAKFAST, and TULSA’S BEST CINNAMON ROLL