Breakfast Menu

At Tally’s, breakfast is served hot all day!


Tally’s Chicken and Waffles

Smart Bomb

Three Egg Cheese Omelette

Entrees and appetizers

Tally’s is one of the top diners in Tulsa serving delicious American food fare such at burgers, steak, and the best Chicken fried steak on Route 66.

Tally-O’s Onion Rings

Tally’s Hamburger Heaven

Chicken Fried Steak

Kids menu

Tally’s offers food for your whole family, including the best kids food menu in Downtown Tulsa and South Tulsa!

Junior Cheese Burger

1 (Egg) Cheese Omelette

Spaghetti And Meatballs

Drinks and desserts

Tally’s serves brunch themed cocktails, draft beer, hot coffee, and more in Downtown Tulsa and South Tulsa!

Milk Shakes

Chocolate Cake  

Peach Cobbler